PICH strives to engage researchers and clinicians in the field of paediatric pain through different events targeted at sharing knowledge and improving current research and clinical practices. Some of our events include PICH2GO conferences, as well as smaller PICH mentoring events focused on providing insight and mentorship to PICH trainees from senior PICH members.


PICH2GO is a series of dynamic educational and networking events co-hosted by PICH and children’s hospitals from around the globe. Featuring world-renowned keynote speakers, PICH2GO makes the world a less painful place for children through collaborative events that bring together patients, families, clinicians, researchers, and decision-makers.


PICH webinars are an amazing way to connect with trainees and faculty across the globe. Each month, a webinar is given on a topic about paediatric pain. The trainee provides a PowerPoint presentation about their research and a moderator asks questions and facilitates discussion.

Trainees and faculty from all over the world tune in and ask questions through the online platform as the presentation is given live. All PICH trainees are expected to give a least one webinar during their training.

Viewing information and Zoom links for each webinar are sent out a week prior and are only open to PICH trainees and PICH faculty.

Watch recordings of past PICH webinars

Thursday March 20, 2023 – 3:00pm – 4:30pm EST

Webinar Session Title : Patient Perspectives of Pediatric Pain

Webinar Presenters/Talks
1) Samantha Noyek (Canada) – Photos Sculpt Youth Stories of Their Major Surgery Journeys
2) Delane Linkiewich (Canada) – The Perceptions of Adolescents with Chronic Pain About Peer Support

3) Ryan Parson (UK) – Investigating the perception, understanding and experience of flourishing in adolescent chronic pain using Q-methodology

Webinar Moderator:
Dr. Paula Forgeron
Thursday June 29, 2023 – 3:00pm – 4:30pm EST

Webinar Session Title: Expert Perspectives: Knowledge Mobilization of Existing Tools for Pediatric Pain Assessment and Intervention 

Webinar Presenters/Talks: 

1) Nicole Pope (AUS) – Expert recommendations on using electronic medical records to care for hospitalised children with pain 

2) Olivia Dobson (Canada) – Making Needles Comfortable for Children with Autism: Parent Perspectives on Tailoring Existing Tools
3) Nicole MacKenzie (Canada) – Researchers’ perspectives on factors supporting successful knowledge mobilization in pediatric pain: A mixed-methods approach

Webinar moderator: 


Tuesday November 14, 2023 – 4:00pm – 5:30pm EST

Webinar Session Title: Predictors and Prevention of Chronic Pain in Youth 

Webinar Presenters/Talks:

1) Sarah Wallwork (AUS) – Identifying and harnessing opportunities for children to learn about pain and injury

2) Jenna Jessa (Canada) – Changes in brain microstructure with the chronification of pain in youth at risk for internalizing mental health conditions

3) Atiqa Priwani (Canada) – Predictors of the development of chronic pain following concussion in youth

Webinar moderator:



The PICH Mentorship initiative is led by our trainee representatives, Nynke van den Hoogen and Maria Pavlova. This initiative is focused on providing mentorship and networking opportunities for trainees and faculty members. Virtual mentorship events are held 3-4 times year. PICH Mentorship events are open to PICH trainees and PICH faculty.

If you have any suggestions that can help improve the PICH Mentorship initiative, please complete our Mentorship initiative suggestion form.

There are no events scheduled at this time. Stay tuned for details on upcoming events!

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